Privacy Impact Assessments

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) are required by the E-Government Act of 2002 whenever a federal agency is "developing or procuring information technology ... or initiating a new collection of information ... in an identifiable form ..." The purpose of a Privacy Impact Assessment is to ensure there is no collection, storage, access, use or dissemination of identifiable personal information (and for some organizations, business information) that is not both needed and permitted.


E-Government Act of 2002 ... (PDF, 220 KB)

We do PIAs to ensure that:

-- The public is aware of the information we collect about them

-- Any impact these systems have on personal privacy is adequately addressed

-- We collect only enough personal information to administer our programs, and no more

In addition, PIAs confirm that we use the information for the purpose intended; that the information remains timely and accurate; and, that it is protected while we have it and that we hold it only for as long as we need it.

OMB PIA Guidance

DoDI 5400.16, Dod Privacy Impact Accessment (PIA) Guidance, 12 Feb 09 ... (PDF, 380 KB)

Privacy Impact Assessments

Aircraft and personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS) 

Accounts Management Intranet (AMI)
Acquisition Career Management System (ACMS)
Advanced Distributed Learning Services (ADLS)
Aerial Events System (AES)
AETC Decision Support System (ADSS)
AFMC - Command Human Resources Intelligence System (CHRIS)
AFNet Enterprise Information Services (EIS)
Air Combat Command (ACC) Collaborative Environment (ACE)
Air Education Training Command Collaborative Environment (AETC-CE)
Air Education Training Command Financial Management Records (AETC)
Air Education Training Command Financial Management Tools Suite (AFMTS)
Air Force Automated Education Management System (AFAEMS)
Air Force Automated Neurocognitive Assessment Metrics (ANAM)
Air Force Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (AF DIMHRS)
Air Force Equal Opportunity Network (AFEON)
Air Force Family Child Care Subsidy Program (FCC)
Air Force Financial Services Center Customer Relationship Management (AFFSC CRM)
Air Force IDEA Program Data System (IPDS)
Air Force IT E-Learning System
AF Legal Assistance Website (AF LAW)
Air Force Library Information System (AFLIS)
Air Force Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS)
Air Force Military Personnel System (AFMILPERS)
Air Force Outreach Request System (AFORS)
Air Force Personnel Accountability & Assessment System (AFPAAS)
Air Force Portfolio & Asset Control & Evaluation System (AFPACES)
Air Force Promotions System (AFPROMS)
Air Force Recruiting Information Support System - Total Force (AFRISS-TF)
Air Force Recruiting Information Support System (AFRISS)
Air Force Safety Automated System (AFSAS)
Air Force Space Command's (AFSPC) GeoBase [System]
Air National Guard Reserve Order Writing System (AROWS)
Air Reserve Order Writing System-Reserves (AROWS-R)
Air University Registar Education Program Management (AUREPM)
Air University Student Information Systems (AUSIS)
Air University Student Management System (AUSMS)
Air University Student Records Information System (AUSRIS)
Aircrew Graduate Evaluation Program/Introductory Flight Training (AGEP/IFT)
AMARC Business System (ABS)
Automated Business Services System (ABSS)
Automated Case Tracking System (ACTS 5.0)
Automated Records Management System (ARMS LC)
AWACS Management System (AMS)
Basic Training Management System (BTMS)
Bowling Automated System (BAS)
Budget Reporting System (BRS)
Career Pathing Tool (CPT)
Carrier Unearned Recovery/Pilferage Tracking Information System (CURTIS)
CCAC DoD AF HAF Randolph HC(1)
CCAF Student Transcript, Administration, & Record System (CCAF-STARS)
Command & Control Management System (C2MS)
Command Man-Day Allocation System (CMAS)
Commanders' Resource Integration System (CRIS)

Public Affairs Information Review System(PAIRS)
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