Privacy Responsibilities and Training Links

Privacy is a personal and fundamental right protected by the Constitution of the United States. Protecting individuals from unwarranted invasion of their personal privacy is the overriding purpose of the Privacy Act of 1974. It is the law that we collect, maintain, use or disseminate records with identifiable personal information only for necessary and lawful purposes.

Privacy Position Descriptions and Responsibilities

Privacy Monitors/Managers are responsible for:
  • Administering the program within their organization
  • Supplying training resources
  •  Reviewing and coordinating on all Publications and forms generated at their level for adherence to the Privacy Act
  •  Staffing denial recommendations
  • Compiling reports and reviewing system notices

System Managers are responsible for:
  •  Managing, safeguarding, and evaluating their systems of records
  • Providing training resources to assure proper operation and maintenance of their system(s)
  • Preparing public notices and report for new or changed systems

Local System Managers are responsible for:
  •  Answering Privacy Act requests
  • Keeping accurate records of all reportable disclosures
  • Compiling annual report data

Legal offices are responsible for:
  •  Reviewing and coordinating all recommendations for denial/partial denial