Privacy Impact Assessments

COMSEC Management System (CMS)
Contribution-Based Compensation System Software (C2S2)
Course Development Student Administration Registrar System (CDSARS)
Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS)
DoD Medical Examination Review Board 2020 (DODMERB 2020)
Electronic Freedom of Information Act (eFOIA)
Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS)
Enterprise Business System (EBS)
Enterprise Electronic Forms (eForms)
Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Information Repository (ESOHIR)
Enterprise Protection Risk Management (EPRM)

Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) Management System (ENJJPT) (EMS)
Excess Cost Adjudication Function Information System (ECAFIS)
Executive Performance & Appraisal Tool (EPAT)
F-22 Integrated Digital Environment (F-22 IDE)
Financial Management WorkFlow (FM Workflow)
Fitness Management Systems (AFFMS)
Enterprise Environmental Safety and Occupational Health - Management Information System (EESOH-MIS)
Integrated Medical Information Technology System - Teleradiology (IMITS-TR)
Integrated Missile Database (IMDB)
Interim Work Information Management System (IWIMS)
Job Order Cost Accounting System (JOCAS II)
JPPSO-COS Enterprise Network
Judge Advocate Functional Server (JFAS)
Leadership Mirror 360
Leave Request, Authorization and Tracking System (LeaveWeb)
Logistics Module (LOGMOD)
ManPower Executive Information System (MEIS)
Medical Education and Training Campus Training and Scheduling Tool (MCTST)
Medical Education Training Research Consultation System (METRCS)
My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA)
National Security Information Management Systems (NSIMS)
Operations Group Database (OGDB)
PACAF Enterprise Information Management - Decision Support Integration System (EIM-DSI)
PACAF Enterprise Information Services NIPRNET (PACAF-EIS-NIPR) System
Patriot Excalibur (PEX)
Personnel Information & Reporting Tracking System (PIRTS)

Public Affairs Information Review System (PAIRS)
SAF/FM Customer Relationship Management/CRM
Security Forces Management Information System (SFMIS)
Senior Leader Career Management System (SLCMS)
Services Agency Information System (SAIS)
Services' Employee Timekeeping System (SETS)
Supervisor Appraisal System (SAS)
System Metric and Reporting Tool (SMART)
Technical Training Management System (TTMS)
Total Human Resource Managers Information System (THRMIS)
TPS Enterprise CPET Application
Training Integration Management System (TIMS)
Workers' Compensation Claims Management System (WCCMS)
AF Medical Servic