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Privacy Impact Assessments

1 CTCS SAN 5/19/2019
Acquisition Career Management System (ACMS) 11/23/2020
Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS)  5/3/2021
Aim High Application (AHA) 3/31/2021
Aerial Events System (AES) 7/30/2019
Air Force Art Program 2/6/2020
Air Force Audit Agency Management Information System (AFAA MIS) 5/26/2020
Air Force Combined Mishap Reduction System (AFCMRS)  
Air Force Directory Services (AFDS) - NIPR 6/19/2020
Air Force Directory Services (AFDS) SIPR 6/19/2020
Air Force Financial Management (FM) Customer Relationship Management Suite (CRMS) 4/1/2020
Air Force Geospatial Information Management System 6/4/2020
Air Force Medical Service  
Air Force MILPERS Integrated Data and Analytics System (AF MIDAS) 8/21/2020
Air Force Records Information Management System (AFRIMS) 9/30/21
Air Program Information Management System (APIMS) 10/3/2019
Air Force Recruiting Information Support System - Total Force (AFRISS-TF) 3/10/2021
Air Force Safety Automated System (AFSAS)  
Airmen Publications One Stop Tool (PubOne) 3/1/2021
Automated Business Services System (ABSS)  
Automated Case Tracking System (ACTS 5.0) 8/12/2020
Automated Information Multimedia Management (AIM2) 2/7/2020
Automated Military Justice Analysis & Management System (AMJAMS) 8/24/2020
Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) 3/1/2021
Budget Reporting System 10/28/2020
Case Management Tracking Analysis & Reporting System (CMTARS) 2/16/2021
CCAC DoD AF HAF Randolph HC(1) 6/30/2020
Central Adjudication Security Personnel Repository (CASPR) PSI Billing 7/31/2020
Circuit-Enclave.NIPR.DedicatedCircuit.Linthicum (C-E.N.DC LINTHICUM ) 1/4/2021
Cloud Hosted Enterprise Services (CHES) 10/28/2020
CLOUD1-AF (C1) (formerly Air Force Common Computing Environment 2.0) - NIPR 3/29/2021
Collaboration Pathfinder With Cloud Service Provider (CSP) -- (CHES/AF Office 365 SaaS Cloud System) 4/20/2020
Collection Information Management System - CIMS(NMUSAF) 3/22/2021
Command and Control Incident Management Emergency Response Application (C2IMERA) 5/15/2020
Commanders' Resource Integration System (CRIS) 6/30/2020
Contractor Responsibility Information System (CRIS-GCR) 5/14/2020
Customer Relationship Management-Software as a Service-myPers (CRM-Saas-myPers) 9/23/2020
Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS) 9/13/2021
Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) - Student Education Network (SEN) .EDU 7/10/2020
Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments (DCAPES) 1/5/2021
Depot Maintenance Accounting and Production System (DMAPS) 2/16/2021
Disciplinary Case Management System (DCMS) 6/1/2021
eFinance Workspace (eFin) 10/19/2020
Electronic Case Tracking (ECT) 4/20/2021
Emergency Management Command and Control System (EMC2) 11/30/2020
Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS) 7/29/2019
Enterprise Information Technology as a Service (EITaaS) 3/19/2020
Enterprise Protection Risk Management (EPRM) 11/13/2019
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Information Management System (EODIMS) 12/9/2020
Fitness Access 9/7/2021
FM Workflow 12/3/2020
Inferential Retrieving Indexing System - Unclassified (IRIS-U) 4/14/2021
Inspector General Evaluation Management System (IGEMS) 7/20/2021
Judge Advocate Functional Server (JAFS) 12/18/2020
Leave Request, Authorization and Tracking System (LeaveWeb) 5/21/2021
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Initiative MROI 5/26/2020
moveLINQS (mLINQS) 3/12/2021
Movements Automated Record Keeping System (MARKS) 9/25/2020
MyVECTOR 7/19/2021
Office of Special Investigations Classified Global Network (OGCN) 12/17/2020
Office of Special Investigations Global Network (OGN) 12/9/2020
On-Line Vehicle Interactive Management System (OLVIMS) Inc-1 Dispatch 5/14/2021
Palantir Foundry (NIPR Instance) 2/22/2021
Palantir Foundry (SIPR Instance) 2/22/2021
Patriot Excalibur (PEX) 10/2/2020
Perimeter 9 12/17/2020
Public Affairs Information Review System (PAIRS) 11/5/2019
Regional Civilian Personnel System - AF (RCPS-AF) 8/6/2021
Reserve Travel System 12/1/2020
Security Assistance Manpower Requirements System (SAMRS) 6/30/2020
Safety-Integrated Risk Information System (S-IRIS) 3/4/2020
Security Assistance Manpower Requirements System (SAMRS) 6/30/2020
Security Enterprise Communication & User Reporting Environment (SECURE) Foreign Travel/Foreign Contact 2/8/2021
Services Media Request and Tracking System (SMARTS)  
Student Data Management System 3/15/2021
System Metric and Reporting Tool (SMART)/Acquisition App Store (AAS)  
Test Development and Delivery System (TDDS) 12/3/2020
Total Integration Mobilization Execution System (TIMES) 3/13/2020
Training Scheduling System (TSS) 8/24/2020
Tuition Tool (T2) 4/24/2020
Unit Training Assembly Processing System (UTAPSweb) 12/8/2020
USAFA Student Information System (SIS) Service (USAFA MyMajors) 6/24/2020
VAULT Data Platform 9/29/2020
Working Dog Management System 3/3/2020